Parents Today Are Just Way Too Into It.

cinderellas-castle-spooky-remixParents today are just way too into parenting. Somehow we got the idea in our heads that it’s our job to not just raise our children to be decent human beings, but to also make their lives magical and entertain them every waking moment of the day. This parenting approach is an overreaction against neglectful parenting, but it is just as unhealthy for children. 

Most kids today view their parents as their peers and not as authority figures whom they are to respect; adults are just larger kids to them. Can we blame them? The word “no” has become a recommendation without consequences for disobeying. Parents teach their kids that it is mommy and daddy’s job to play with them and entertain them whenever they are home. This leads kids to believe that family time is less about the family simply being together and more about creating a magical experience for them; the world and everyone in it is there to make them happier.  


Now don’t get me wrong, we should spend quality time in quantity with our kids, but not in a way that makes our kids grow up to think that the world revolves around them, because it doesn’t. For Christians, we should be teaching our kids that we love God first and foremost, then our spouse, and then them, and our relationship with them should never surpass the first two. If you truly love your kids raise them in a way that reflects this priority while teaching them to respect the difference between adults and children. 

Magical Parentings Quote 1The following article is by a parent who came to realize the narcissistic insanity that modern parenting has fallen into, and she gave up on the competition of trying to make her children's childhood magical. Instead of repeating everything that was written in it I’ll just link you the article. Parents should read it and examine their own parenting methods to see if they have engaged in this hyper-obsessive parenting model.

Here is the link to the article:

I'm Done Making My Kid's Childhood Magical

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