Go Kick Rocks Daniel Tiger

danieltigerDaniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a PBS kid’s show that takes our beloved childhood memories of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and gives them the full Michael Bay treatment - If you aren’t sure what that means go watch the aboniminable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or any of the Transformers movies; Bay is basically the Terminator of sacred childhood memories. Anyways, Daniel Tiger is a pretty accurate representation of the modern day child: selfish, whiny, and needs everything explained in full detail before they’ll even consider going along with it. While this doesn’t automatically put the show on the do not watch list, its advice for how kids should deal with being told “no” does.

In one of the episodes Daniel Tiger is upset with his mom for telling him no and not letting him get his way. But instead of teaching Daniel to respect authority or that selfishness and ingratitude are vices, they sing a song about how to throw a tantrum when you don’t get your way. Their brilliant advice is simple, just stomp three times and you’ll feel better! Here’s the chorus of the song Stomp Three Times:


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